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Recreational Rowing Programs — All Ages

Designed for adults and youth seeking a rowing experience to enhance their leisure/recreation time while still getting a solid full-body workout. Seasoned rowers and novices alike come together to share a love of being on the water. We provide instruction on the essentials of rowing: proper stroke technique, boat safety, rowing etiquette and lingo to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Emphasis is placed on sculling as a foundation, and sweep rowing while offered, is extended to competent sculling rowers as a logical progression for rowing development. Experienced sweep rowers are NOT required to scull, but we strongly encourage them to learn to scull.

All novice rowers must attend a 60-minute Dryland Rowing Orientation at our Northshore Fitness Studio and a 90-minute Boat Orientation/Safety session at Dammrich Rowing Center before scheduling any boat sessions with our coaches. Safety is our primary concern.

Experienced adult rowers (21 and older) may be exempt from the Dryland Rowing Orientation as deemed appropriate by coaches but must participate in a 90-minute Boat Orientation.Safety session at Dammrich Rowing Center before scheduling any boat sessions.

Annual Recreational Membership includes USRowing Membership which provides for on-the-water liability insurance, safety standard guidelines, continuing education and guidance. Balance of fees help fund equipment maintenance and
club operating expenses.

For more information contact Brian Easter, ARC Program Director at (847) 347-3278.

Alliance Rowing Club of Illinois

Rowing location:

Dammrich Rowing Center
3220 Oakton Street
Skokie, IL 60076

Dryland sessions:

MyBody Complex
193 Northfield Road
Northfield, IL 60093