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ARC Membership & Costs – updated Jan. 20th, 2023

Membership Fleet Dues are the foundation for ARC Fleet and all associated rowing support equipment required to row at the Dammrich Rowing Center (DRC).  

The various costs relate directly to, but are not limited to the following categories: Boat & Equipment Storage, USRowing Liability Insurance, Boat Insurance, Boat & Oar maintenance/upgrades and financing, Safety launches & motors, Automatic Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) and Boat rack systems, Storage lockers and vehicle maintenance.

Initially, Dues are paid as a part of PunchCards: 5 sessions @ $250 for G5-12 or 5 sessions @ $200 for Masters/Open until they are ready to commit to joining ARC as a Dues paying Member. Dues are encouraged but not required for short-term transient/guest participants as they may pay for Single or 5 sessions at a time which include Dues.

Membership Fleet Dues categories:   G5-7:  $125 @ Season*/$250 Annual,  G8-12:  $175*/$350 Annual, OtherHS: $150* Annual, Masters/Open: $275*/$550 Annual, Private Boat Owner: $179*    


*ARC’s two Primary Seasons are Spring (Mar-May) & Fall (Sept-Nov).  Summer (Jun-Aug) is a FLAT $125 for G5-6, $150 G8-12 & Masters/Open: Monthly Dues are $60.  Summer dues count toward the Annual amount if Spring has been PAID or they convert to annual Membership in Summer or Fall.    


PunchCards:  Virtual PunchCards universally apply for BOTH Rowing SeatFees or Dryland Strength & Conditioning (S&C) sessions.  PunchCards are sold in 5,10 & 20 session packages. NOTE: Individual sessions are prorated based on the highest current PunchCard price point per Age category listed above.  

G5-7:  NonMembers $250, 400 & 800 (5,10 & 20), Members: $200, 360 & 720

G8-12:  NonMembers $250, 450 & 850 (5,10 & 20), Members: $400 & 800


MASTERS/Open: Members who pay 50% of Annual Dues by Nov & Mar 1st qualify for WAIVER of Mar & Nov SeatFees PLUS Seat fees are also WAIVED once the SeatFee Max* of $750 is reached.  NonMember sessions are $250 & $320 (5 or 10 sessions).  


NOTE: SeatFee Exception for Single & Double Sculls:  Singles/Doubles represent the most expensive boats in the Fleet for ALL related costs including usual wear & tear.  A $10/7.50 (1x & 2x respectively) SeatFee surcharge for Masters/Open category Members applies throughout the year: the Member annual maximum waiver of $750 does not apply to singles and doubles.


ARC High School Practice Fees:  Competitive: $1050 Spring, $1250 Fall (Initial Deposit: $650 Practice Fees + Fleet Dues +  required TeamWear), Practice Squad: $750/$850 for Spring/Fall seasons.  High School Seasonal fees include all coaching fees & rowing SeatFees.


EVENT Costs:  Regattas, Clinics, etc. are billed separately per event based on variable entry fees, travel & trailering expenses. Each regatta/travel event has unique costs based on location (distance), boat specific entry fees, Shuttle & Trailer driver lodging and boat transport (Fuel, Tolls, Parking).  Travel Permission forms must be submitted for each event  if applicable.


LearnToRow plus a 5 session PunchCard package is the required curriculum for ALL new rowers regardless of age.  UPGRADE Option: The initial $250 package cost may be applied to a 10 or 20 session before the 5 session package expires.


PunchCard Package Policies

ALL Packages assume no less than one session per week on average, otherwise they are considered EXPIRED after 5, 10 or 20 weeks.  Expired sessions are renewable ONCE when another package is purchased and can carry over only one calendar year by paying the appropriate Dues for any of the three seasons.

SAFETY Orientation

ALL Persons participating in independent boat sessions must sign a waiver indicating swimming competence or take a swim test with a licensed swimming professional.  Additionally, all rowers must attend an ARC Orientation and Safety session at the DRC prior to launching any boat.

Alliance Rowing Club of Illinois

Rowing location:

Dammrich Rowing Center
3220 Oakton Street
Skokie, IL 60076

Dryland sessions:

MyBody Complex
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