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LearnToRow Program — All Ages starting with G5 thru age 99!


Until 2012, the opportunity to experience crew on the Northshore hasn’t been readily available until students enter high school. Boys and Girls who’ve attended rowing tryouts lacking experience will tell you they wish they’d had the chance to prepare. ARC’s Youth Development Program provides just the exposure needed for aspiring athletes who think rowing/crew might be just the sport for them. Students grades 5-8, will be provided essential instruction on proper rowing technique, boat safety, rowing etiquette and vernacular. Additionally, youth will receive proper age-specific dryland rowing machine training and strength/conditioning circuit training needed to handle the rigors of future tryouts and competition should they choose to pursue crew with their high school or a competitive club such as ARC.  

Note: Recreational rowing is an option at ARC for those who choose to postpone competition or simply want to row for fitness

LearnToRow Classes

Our Learn to row curriculum has been in place now for over ten years and represents an evolving and  thorough approach to solid technical skills and form.  Jumping on ERGs (Rowing Machines) and thrashing away too SOON, too FAST and SLOPPY can not only physically harm a NEW rowing candidate, but it can create uncorrectable Stroke Faults!

Watching world class rowers on Video, teaching proper posture & body sequencing and finally using videography to correct stroke faults allows ARC to ease the rower into proper form with slow stroke ratings.

Studio COST: During the late Fall, Winter or early Spring, this 75 minute introduction is $69 or &89 for G5-7 or G8 thru age 99 respectively. 

Studio + Rowing COST:  During the rowing months, this class has a 45 minute Studio session followed immediately by a Sculling lesson at the DRC.  The fee for this all inclusive experience is $129 or $149 for G5-7 or G8 thru age 99 respectively. 


Continuing with ARC after completion of the Learn to Row Curriculum

Please refer to our Membership page for information on fees associated with specific ARC membership types/groups

  1. Paying Membership Fleet Dues include USRowing Membership providing on-the-water liability insurance, safety standard guidelines, continuing education and guidance. Balance of Fleet Dues fund Equipment Storage at the Dammrich Rowing Center (DRC), Equipment upgrades and ongoing maintenance, Insurances for equipment with any overage pouring-over into ARC Club operating expenses
  2. Purchasing a 5, 10 or 20 session Rowing PunchCard
  3. Paying monthly Dryland fees for November—April by purchasing either a Rowing PunchCard or paying a flat fee for unlimited Monthly or Quarterly timeframes

For more information contact Brian Easter, ARC Program Director at (847) 347-3278.

Alliance Rowing Club of Illinois

Northshore Fitness Studio
905 Ridge Road
Wilmette, IL 60091-1559

 Why Crew?

Crew has been a popular east coast sport for decades — recently expanding in popularity to the midwest and west coast.

Women’s college crew is exploding in growth: With 20 scholarships available per school for women’s rowing, rowing has more than any other sport—men’s or women’s—aside from football.

  • Scholarship opportunities are currently 2:1
  • Provides an excellent all-body physical workout & Crew is the ULTIMATE “Team” sport
  • Crew fosters resilience, respect, and collaboration

Join Rowing: Make history ~ Get fit ~ Learn new skills

Questions: For more information contact Brian Easter, ARC Program Director at (847) 347-3278.

Alliance Rowing Club of Illinois

Northshore Fitness Studio
905 Ridge Road
Wilmette, IL 60091-1559