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Custom Rowing Programs

This is a personalized ELITE program designed for experienced rowers who want to take their abilities beyond their current level. This is done in either a private- or semi-private environment depending on the needs of the individual athlete—rates for our custom programs vary as a result.

Team sessions for 4 or more rowers are an option based on ARC availability. Each athlete is encouraged to take a skill assessment before and after this program to guage improvement on an overall level.

Sessions focus on:

  • Erg Power and Form
  • 2k and 6k Improvement
  • Bladework Skills
  • Custom Strength & Conditioning Protocols
  • Flexibility & Injury Prevention
  • Post-Rehab Reconditioning

This program is facilitated under the guidance of the Rowing Technical Director and our Strength and Conditioning Coach. An Athletico Physical Therapist is made available as needed at no additional fee. Videography is utilized for all dryland phases and is available on the water at an additional fee and advance reservations are required.

For more information contact Brian Easter, ARC Program Director at (847) 347-3278.

Alliance Rowing Club of Illinois

Rowing location:

Dammrich Rowing Center
3220 Oakton Street
Skokie, IL 60076

Dryland sessions:

MyBody Complex
193 Northfield Road
Northfield, IL 60093